Iva Sidash (Yana Sidash) – photographer based in Ukraine. 
Born in June 1995 in Lviv, Ukraine. Started photography in 2019.
Working with personal projects on social topics, documentary and reportage photography. 
Since full scale invasion, has been documenting the Russian-Ukrainian war, focusing on civilians and their lives. 
Finalist of the International Fujifilm Moment Street Photo Awards 2021 
Scholarship for ICP/CAMERA Masterclass, Italy 2022
Top 3 best projects completed at ICP/CAMERA Masterclass, Italy 2022
Directory grant  for the full-time program at ICP "Documentary Practises and Visual Journalism", New York, USA, 2023 
Member of Exhibitions
2023 September – Solo exhibition "The Wall: Witness to the War in Ukraine", Roberta's Art Gallery, Whitewater, USA
2023 September – group exhibition "Side By Side", Curzon Soho, London, UK
2023 March – Group exhibition “Ukraine”, Hémisphères Paris Paris, France
2023 March – Group exhibition “Nostalgia De Una Rutina Interrumpida”, Taller 131 Barcelona, Spain
2023 February  – Group exhibition “Invasion”, Centrum för fotografi: CFF - Stockholm, Sweden
2023 January –Group exhibition “Alarming Beauty”, Fisheye Gallery, Paris, France
2022, 2023 – Group exhibition “Ukraine. Resilience", Zimmer 48, Berlin, Germany
2022 – Group exhibition “Ukraine: Portraits Of Courage”, Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, United States
2022 – Group exhibition "Flash. Ukrainian photography today", The International Convention Center "Ukrainian House", Kyiv, Ukraine
2022 – Group exhibition “Chorna Rillya Izorana”, Lviv Historical Museum, Lviv, Ukraine
2021 – Group exhibition “Street Dialogues 2.0”, Lviv Municipal Art Center, Lviv Ukraine
2021 – Group exhibition “Street dialogues”, Odesa Photo Days Festival, Odesa, Ukraine 
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